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Tia Imani Hanna: Home Jazz Violin & Vocals

"Teeming with talent jazz violinist scats, composes and plays... hoarding a talent overload"

—Lansing State Journal

Recent Performances: The Tia Imani Hanna Project Performing at The Grand River Studio Sessions

January 2015

Grand River Studio Sessions is a celebration of Great Lakes music with a revamped concept: The Grand River Studio Sessions, a LCC-TV and LCC Radiosimulcast experience. The goal: create an atmosphere that gives listeners and viewers the feel of what it would be like to have artists recording a demo right in their living room. Stories, interviews, and performances are all a part of the experience.

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The Tia Imani Hanna Project Conducted a Successful Fundraising Campaign on Kickstarter.com

The Tia Imani Hanna Project is composed of three members: Carolyn Koebel, percussionist; Elden Kelly, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist; and Tia Imani Hanna, violinist, vocalist and composer. We have a shared interest in improvisation and in creating music that lives in the moment, in shaping a sacred space with music, and in sharing those evolving moments with an audience. We asked for your support in developing our debut CD, The Spaces Between Us.

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The Spaces Between UsAvailable Now!

We did it together! We have even exceeded our original goal of $6,000. This has been an extraordinary response! We want to thank all our friends and fans. We are excited about this project — which could not have been done without all of you. Thank you from the bottom of our collective hearts and thank you for being part of our community-supported art creation project.

You can sample and order our new album now!

Recent Performances

about tia imani hanna

The jazz singer/violinist exudes unpretentious sophistication. Her friendly stage persona and well-chosen playlist are perfect for intimate club settings or large performance venues. She fuses the precision of her classical training with the improvisational character of jazz. The result: a mellow yet complex style that is enthralling.

Rich Violin and Smooth Vocals

Hanna takes a romantic standard and applies her own deft touch. She bops through complex jazz favorites and original compositions with ease, confidence and style. The richness of her violin and smooth vocals lures fans who seek listenable yet compelling music. When she breaks into scat you have entertainment that grabs attention.

"Hanna will put down the violin now and then to sing a tune; and sometimes she'll sing without putting down the violin..."

—Capital Times

"Every now and then an album comes along that makes you discover a musical instrument in a different way. Tia Imani Hanna’s The Book of Tia Chapter One was such an album for me that introduced me to the violin in a different way than I've heard it before."

—Jazz Not Jazz

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